Blind Stealing

Most forms of poker include a small and a big blind. These are forced antes that are put into the pot before any form of card action takes place.

In Poker Cash Games, the blinds are pre-set and never increase during game play, but in tournaments, the blind structure does increase at a pre-determined time frame.

Blind Stealing is the term given when a player raises with a weak hand with the intention of winning the small and big blind.

Obviously, in order to achieve this feat, everybody in the game must fold, including the two players who have forcibly entered the small and big blinds.

In a cash game, stealing the blinds can add quite a lot to your hourly rate, but in a tournament you need to take due cognisance of the early and later stages of the tournament.

In the early stages of the tournament, the blinds are going to be very small and so the risk-reward ratio is not that great.

In the latter stages of the tournament everyone is forced to enter an ante and this multiplies the dead money than can be won with a timely pre flop raise.

You don’t have to be Albert Einstein to work out that the best time to steal the blinds is in the latter stages of the tournament.

Sometimes, in the early stages of Sit and Go Tournaments, it pays to try to steal the blinds because you receive another unexpected benefit.

A good example would be a player who defends his blinds far too wide, and then folds a high percentage of the time to the c-bet. This is an ideal scenario for a blind steal because you have two profitable routes into his stack.

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