Continuation Betting Versus Good Players – Out of Position

The continuation bet is one of the most popular moves in poker. With this in mind, we have some tips on how to utilize this play, paying particular attention to the crop of good players in the game. This article focuses on being out of position.

The boards you are primarily searching for are the ace or king high rainbow and unconnected flops – the driest of the dry.

On these types of flops you are going to want to c-bet around 75% of the time. Good players are going to be floating a lot, and so you also need a plan for the turn. If you double barrel about 50% of the time, check-raise 25% of the time, and check fold 25% of the time, then you will have a good balanced strategy.

On paired boards, we would advocate check-calling 65% of the time and mixing up the other 35% with some check-raises and check-folds.

On coordinated flops, you want to be controlling the size of the pot with your value hands. These types of flops make it too easy for your opponents to bluff you off the best hand, so a more cautious approach is recommended.

When you whiff the flop completely, it is still a profitable play to c-bet around 65% of the time.

Just make sure that you pay close attention to each opponent and react accordingly. The last thing you want to do is trying to beat the same player time and time again. In the end, it will become translucent, especially if they are a good player.

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