Managing the Swings

When you are planning to visit your local casino, it is important to have a financial plan of some sort.

If you are an amateur player who just wants to have a few drinks and some fun, it is advisable to take a small bankroll for playing and keep the rest aside for entertainment of the liquid variety.

If you are a more serious gambler, then you need to plan ahead. Understand what types of games you are going to play and what bankroll rules you have for them.

You also need to anticipate for the unknown. For example, what are you going to do if you plan to play a game on casino, that you haven’t tried before?

You can be calmer than the lull before a storm and still get affected by a sharp downswing in fortunes. In poker this is known as tilt. Your behavioral patterns will change, as a result in your losses, and the cumulative effect is usually more losses.

A visit to the casino should be fun, and so you need to be aware that exceptional episodes of good or bad luck can happen to anyone.

Prepare for the worst and you should be fine. Go into your session with a positive mental attitude but also a plan in case things do not run as well as you intend.

A good way of handling your emotional swings is to create bankroll systems with the move up or down mentality. If you are on an upswing then start to press a little more, and if you are on a downswing regress a little.

Have fun, keep a positive mental attitude, but more importantly have a plan.

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