Pot Control

The size of the pot does not materialise by magic, instead it is created by actions taken by all of the opponents involved in the hand. With that in mind there are times when certain opponents will want the pot be a certain size: not too big and not too small. This theory is known as pot control. It goes without saying that it is much easier to control a pot when you are heads up, this applies to whether you are playing with your mates at home or with the pros at the WSOP Poker. Add more opponents into the mix and controlling the pot becomes notoriously difficult.

The first thing you need to consider when decided on pot controlling methods is the strength of your hand in relation to the texture of the board. If you have a very strong hand then you want to make the pot as big as you can, if you have a weak-mid strength hand then you want to keep the pot as small as you can. Imagine, that you have a medium strength hand, such as middle pair, and you decide to fire two barrels and are then check-raised on the turn. This is such a horrible position to be in. You have bloated the pot by going for thin value on the turn and now you could be facing a decision for the rest of your stack. If you think there is a good chance that you can be bluffed or raised off your hand, then your best approach is to check.

Go for two streets of value on the flop and river, instead of flop and turn. Keep the pot small when you are not strong and bloat it when you have sufficient strength not too care. If you ever get bored of playing poker, or just fancy a change, why not play Backgammon online instead?

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